Company Overview

Halston Court Capital is a private investment firm that acquires or invests in established and profitable small to mid-market companies. We were established by people who have created and built businesses, managed their growth, raised capital and exited. We seek opportunities to make meaningful investments in businesses and shape their strategic direction, working alongside their management teams. Our access to experienced business owners, managers and other professionals from multiple disciplines offers companies both equity/debt capital and strategic resources through an investment approach we call Active Ownership.

Active Ownership

Active Ownership describes how we participate with you. We believe that, as the market for private companies evolves and becomes more efficient, our business building orientation provides additional value to business owners, managers and investors. We look to:

  • achieve operational improvement over time;
  • implement growth strategies; and
  • realize value once these objectives have been achieved.

We have access to the necessary expertise to develop and execute strategic businesses plans, including acquisition and integration strategies, and in various aspects of business operations and management such as:

  • sales force management;
  • distribution development and expansion;
  •  IT design and implementation;
  • financial systems and management;
  • and human resource management.

We recognize that some business owners are interested in a complete exit from the business, while others may not be. Our approach is flexible, and our objective is to create a beneficial partnership with the company’s management team, based on the unique needs of each situation.

Working with Owners

Whether owners wish to retain an interest in their company, or participate in its future growth in other ways, we view our relationship with them as important and long-term in nature. We will structure the transaction and investment so that we properly address the financial and other objectives of the current owners. We can provide the sellers the opportunity to benefit from future growth, while substantially realizing the value of the business they have built.

Working with Managers

Our confidence in management and its ability to grow the company, with our firm’s active support, is at the core of our approach to investing. We will not be the managers of the companies we invest in. Working in tandem with the management team, our firm seeks to leverage our management, operational and financial expertise to unlock the intrinsic value of the business and create future growth. In situations where the management team is interested in acquiring an ownership stake in the business, or leading a new growth strategy for the business, we can provide the necessary strategic, human and financial resources required to support and achieve the company’s strategic objectives.