Company Overview

Business and Corporate Development

Critical to a growth company’s success is the articulation of mid- to long-term priorities that serve to focus resources and operations. Halston Court Capital has worked with company management to conceive and execute strategic plans for organic growth and growth through acquisition, while paying attention to activities that create long-term value from customers, markets and relationships.

Operational Management

Halston Court Capital is not afraid to advise on and make the tough decisions that enable companies to deliver high quality solutions and support to customers in the most cost-efficient manner. Operational areas/activities may include production, distribution, quality control, vendor management and cost controls.


From Board composition to shareholder interests to executive recruitment, we understand corporate governance in both private and publicly traded companies and the importance of distinguishing between ownership and management. Proper governance should not only serve the business at the present time, but also have the agility to adapt as the business grows and evolves.

Shareholder Matters

Alongside governance, we believe that the shareholders of company are never just a source of capital. A thoughtful approach to selecting the composition of the shareholders that is aligned with the company’s strategy combined with robust shareholder agreements and communication with investors are critical elements in the company’s success.

Change Management and Integration

Thoughtful, well developed processes are required to prepare and support individuals, teams and organizations when there are major changes to how work will be done. Integration embeds all changes into the “new way of doing things” and they become seamlessly integrated into day-to-day work life.

Innovative Approaches to Growth

Growth companies make innovation a continuous exercise, not just when sales take a dip. Working with management, we draw on our experience and our network of global connections to develop a culture of innovation.