Our Strategy

What you need from a capital partner will vary depending on the nature of the possible transaction, the rationale for capital and the present and future roles for owners and management. Our background allows us to focus on those situations where we can best use our expertise to the benefit of the business. We aim to align our objectives with yours. And whether we seek to own a minority, majority or controlling stake in the business that allows us to shape its course, we will welcome, where appropriate and desired, partnering with the current owners and management team of the business.

Growth and Expansion

Occasionally, successful companies must implement new, and sometimes transforming, growth and expansion initiatives and strategies. As an investment and strategic partner, we will invest in companies that can benefit from our business expertise and strategic guidance and oversight, and we will provide the necessary capital to execute strategies, which may include roll-up, consolidation or distribution expansion.

Succession Planning

We invest alongside owners in situations where they are interested in monetizing the value of the business they have built, while considering sensitive matters such as succession and family issues, the future role of the owner and the transition to a new ownership structure. Our proven experience working with family-owned businesses can enhance the personal and financial value of the transaction.

Management Buyouts

We provide both strategic support and capital to management teams interested in buying into the business they manage, but in which they currently do not have a material ownership stake. Such management teams are frequently best positioned to identify the strengths of the business, upon which its future growth can be achieved. We also partner with management teams with deep industry expertise who have identified an opportunity to invest in or acquire a business.

Different Shareholders With Differing Objectives

Businesses that have multiple shareholders are usually governed by shareholder agreements that may include buy/sell provisions. Such provisions often disadvantage the shareholder with limited access to capital. We can help level the playing field.