Selecting A Partner

At the best of times, owning and managing a business is a juggling act. Much harder is selling a business, raising capital or arranging the buyout of a division. The opportunity to achieve a successful exit or implement a new growth strategy is paired with the uncertainty of the ultimate outcome and the ongoing threat of competition. Executing a successful and timely transaction is a key principle of our value proposition to owners and managers.

Once the decision to proceed is made, business owners and management teams are faced with several important decisions and unfamiliar processes to manage. There are numerous potential partners to choose, such as business advisors, financial advisors, lawyers and bankers. As a capital and strategic partner, Halston Court Capital is able to lessen some of the risks and help you make the best possible choices along the way, working with other stakeholders and advisors.

Dilemmas and challenges Business Owners Will Face

  • Objectives
    Is it an outright sale of the business, maximizing the current value of the business, or a partial exit that allows for further involvement in the business and participation in its future growth? Or is the time ripe for management to make an investment in the company it has helped build?
  • Time
    How can time and its associated costs be managed most effectively in terms of both business focus and competitive challenges?
  • Process
    Should the process be broad or should it focus on a single partner with the right fit? As a business manager, how should ongoing obligations to the company be met or fulfilled, while pursuing a buyout process?
  • Partner
    What type of partner should be sought? Should it be a strictly financial partner? Or should the partner have a broad set of skills such as business acumen, expertise and networks that can support the growth and success of the business?

Why Halston Court Is The Ideal Partner

The partners of Halston Court Capital have experienced many of the dilemmas and challenges of business owners considering a possible exit and those of managers investing in the business. We have also benefited from good choices. The lessons that we have learned have been embodied in our value proposition and our unique approach that emphasizes:

  • a timely process, with quick turnaround and decision-making;
  • creative transaction structuring;
    hard work, with a roll-up-your-sleeves approach;
  • an extensive business network that can be leveraged to the benefit of the business;
  • experience in international markets;
  • the allocation of our firm’s management resources, where appropriate, to support the company’s strategic and business plan development.